MBCB, is the technical enabler for your digital business transformation.

We develop excellent solutions for pioneering web communication, paired with the latest agile development techniques.

MBCB – Your Holistic Partner:

We provide full-service solutions for our customers. We set up a complete strategy for your future communication and realize solutions, which meet your highest requirements and expectations.

Our rich toolbox you can choose from includes digital strategy, concept, design, UI&UX, website development, strong backend architectures, mobile apps, AR/VR development, social media, SEO/SEM/SES, PPC, domain management, and commerce solutions.

MBCB – The Communications Specialist:

Classic campaigns, influencer marketing, hygiene, hero or hub content - we tell stories instead of "advertising". Through the combination of creativity, competence and excellent design, people like to pay attention to these stories. Combined with intelligent media and channel planning, they do just that in the right place, at the right time and in the right format for the communication goals.

Services as Media & Marketing, Data & Insights, and Consulting & Strategy complete our portfolio.

MBCB – The Technology Experts:

MBCB is the expert for your technical solutions. The heart of our technology stack is a cloud-based platform, upon which we employ technologies like TypeScript, Angular, ionic, Swift, Kotlin and Unity. Advanced experience in infrastructures such as AWS and Google Cloud, docker and redis help to complete the toolbox needed to provide high quality architecture to build up your solution.

Proven many times, we are the right partner to integrate your existing systems like CRM, PIM, SAP, and eCommerce.

Customers from the most diverse industries trust us on their way to digital business transformation, some of them for over 10 years.

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